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What is an online resume or personal resume website?

For those people who really want to outshine the competition and project themselves as a brand in themselves, having a personal resume website is the way to go!

What Is An Online Resume?

An online resume is just like any other website but the only difference is that it is for an individual, you don’t find many people who can claim that they have a personal website which is only for the purpose of personal branding and shining in the employment market.

With an online resume in Australia you can not only post everything about your career and host your resume online but also write blog posts and genuine content. It will be hosted online, and you can share your web address such as

Why use an Online Resume?

A resume is a brief document which will never tell your entire story. Skillfully written resumes land you jobs, whereas having a backup website where you can put everything in detail in the way of the future.

Our Personal Resume Website Features:

In this competitive day and age, employers are looking for those resources who already are proactive in every approach, by having a personal resume website, you will not only shine on major networks like Facebook and Linked, but you will also show up on search engines like Google.

A personal resume website developed by is not only beautifully designed and developed but is also optimized for search engine visibility. This not only helps you land job offers and projects but also creates your online brand.


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Our Online Resume Packages

Silver Package
    For professionals looking to stand out of the crowd & leave an impression!

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    • Professional Template
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Executive Level
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    • Premium Resume Writing Service
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    • Yourname email address
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Online Resume in Australia & New Zealand

An online resume is a relatively new concept and those people who take advantage of this will always stand apart from those who do not have a personal resume website.

Some of the clear advantages of having an online resume website is that you can create sections in it for your different employments, skill sets, projects and education criteria. An online resume website is also very easy to update as the sections are already in place and you need to just add your ongoing experiences and educational qualifications in it whenever you want.

An online resume website is also great when you feel that your resume does not do enough justice to your professional skills and qualifications and you need to explain them in detail. All of this can be done with a personal resume website by just sharing the link to your online resume website. is currently one of the only resume website building company operating in Australia. We provide top notch and professionally designed personal resume and CV websites to customers not only in Australia but also in New Zealand.