Infographic Resume & Visual CV

What is an Infographic Resume & Visual CV?

An infographic resume or a visual resume is a sure shot way of standing out from all the other applicants!

What Is An Infographic Resume?

Gone are the days when you used to get by with a single word processing resume, now your job application armory should be loaded with customizable cover letters, resumes and an infographic resume in Australia.

An infographic resume is a short graphical and visual representation of your content loaded resume. It is most often preferred by employers as it is easier to skim through and find relevant data which can be a bit difficult to find on your resume!

Why use a Visual CV?

Infographic resumes are beautifully crafted, visually appealing and image loaded single pager documents. They present a brief summary of your achievements, job trajectory and skill set. Most of the data on an infographic resume is icon, images and process image based.

Infographic resumes are very popular in Australia as they help the recruiters and potential employers to make quick shortlisting decisions. When a candidate applies for a job with an infographic resume they actually make the work of recruiters and employers easy.

Our Infographic Resume Features:

Here are some features of our Infographic CV & Visual Resume


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Our Infographic Resume Packages

Why Infographic resume is the in-thing in Australia?

Since ages long recruiters and employers alike have been staring and sifting through mounds of resumes and CVs in the form of word processing documents. Although a resume must always be also available in word processing form, having an infographic resume in Australia will give you a clear advantage over other candidates.

An Infographic resume shows to the employers that this person means serious business and takes all his tasks seriously. An infographic resume also shows your creative side. It has also been proven psychologically that when a person accesses a document which is visually appealing it sets him or her in a good mood and who wouldn’t want that advantage when employers go through their resume?

Why Infographic CV?

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