Chef resume in australia

Chef Resume in Australia

Resumes can be of many varieties, however, most of the time the structure and the layout of a resume remain the same. At the same time resumes differ by a lot of different factors such as a resume in Australia that can be very different from a resume in North America. Or a resume can be very different from an accountant from the resume of a sales executive. Our core topic today is to discuss the resume of a chef and specifically a resume of a chef in Australia.

Now when we talk about a chef’s resume it can be of a variety of levels within a chef’s career, there can be a resume for prep cook, a resume for sous chef, or a resume of a line cook. All of these resumes can have very different content from the other including the skill level and the position worked in a restaurant or an establishment.

Now a final resume for a chef in Australia will have these basic sections:
  • Career Summary
  • Skill Set
  • Experience
  • Food Certifications

The key difference in this section-wise distribution of chefs’ resume from the rest is the food certification section. You will not find this section in any other industry and for obvious reasons.

Lets briefly dwell on the sections and provide a short guide on how to go about your chef resume in Australia

Career Summary

This section is most vital in a chef’s resume, a lot of time employers will have a plethora of resumes on their hands when they post a job advertisement for a chef position. Having a strong and concise career summary can quickly land your resume in the shortlisted for interview folder. As a chef, you should include your number of years of experience, a summary of your achievements (not more than 2 lines of this) and your certifications and education. Make sure that your career summary does not exceed 5 lines. Hence the word summary.

Skills section

Now in most of the industries, this section is considered vital, however, in the case of a chef resume, this is not that important as most of the culinary skills are taken for granted. So try to keep this section targeted and short. Just use one word-based skill and include all the necessary and basic skills which are acceptable and expected from a chef. However, if you have something really phenomenal to show off then you must include this in the first row of your skills section. Try not to have more than 4 lines of skillsets in your resume.


Now this section is the make or breaks section of a resume of a chef in Australia. Try to write the name of the establishments you have worked in clearly and in bold formats to highlight those. Include your current position. A brief couple-liner about your restaurant or establishment. And finally, give a lot of thought into your job descriptions. Make sure if you have a couple of experiences then be very precise, but if you have a lot of work experience then you must adopt a strategy of writing and define clearly. In such a case, you can also seek outside help from professional resume writing service in Australia or CV writing companies in Australia.

Food Certification

This section may very well be the deciding factor of your resume. Chef’s skills and abilities are validated by how many food certifications he or she may have. Food certifications are of numerous types such as food handling and safety certificates, Knife skills, Dishes variety, types of cuisines, etc among others. Try to make this section as clear and projective as you can so that it stands outs in your resume for a job as a chef in Australia.


Although this section in a chef’s resume is very similar to the certification section but never try to merge them. If you do merge them even then make sure that your education does not shadow the certificates you hold. Put this education beginning from the most recent to the college level at max. No extra information is needed. One liner is needed which tells about your alma mater name, the year passed and degree acquired. That’s it and you are done with your education section.

So in conclusion, if you have opened a word document and have started the basic structure which we have suggested to drafting a resume of a chef in Australia, you are well on your way to doing that. At the same time if you want to avoid all the hassle and are unfamiliar with the jargon used in a resume or how a resume is written, then you can choose any professional resume writing service in Australia. The advantage of getting a resume prepared from a resume writing service is that they are professionals and they will prepare your entire document without any problem, however, these services are always charged so you must do a basic internet search for finding the best and the most inexpensive resume writing company in Australia. Have a fun time, drafting or outsourcing your resume!


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