Waitress Resume in Australia

Waitress Resume in Australia

A waitress job is one of the most common job in Australia. There are many restuarants and bars, hotels where waitresses are needed. Hence putting together a resume for waitress in Australia is important. Although a waitress job requires skills, some certifications and courses, but you will find that a lot of career waiters and waitressses started their jobs as part time and very early in their life. In this section we will discuss how to make a resume or CV for a waiter or waitress. (For the sake of not wasting valuable space and time of the readers we will refer to it only as waitress. So how to make a resume for a waitress in Australia and what you need to do? Lets find out

Some of the major sections which constitute a resume of a waitress are the Summary of the career profile of a waitress, skill set, education. This has not only been confirmed by recruiters and employer but resume writing services in Australia swear by its effectiveness. Lets check these sections in more detail

A Waitress Resume for Australian Job market should have following sections:


This could be a deciding factor in not only a waitress resume or CV but anyone’s resume in general. Why this section is so important? Because this section gives the recruiter or the employer a quick insight into who you are, this is perhaps one of the most overlooked section in a resume worldwide, but this section can make or break your chances of getting shortlisted for an interview. For waitress resume in Australia always try to include a summary of what you have done and make sure that it does not exceed 4 – 5 line. Remember it’s the summary not the details.

Skill Set

When writing a resume for a waitress in Australia make sure that you include some brief skill sets, ideally they should be worlds like “multi-tasking” but you can also include liners like ability to work, multitask, great salad maker, coffee mixer etc”. Skill set provide the best angle to recruiters for making a quick shortlisting decision. When you will make the hiring authority work easy it will trigger a happy emotional response towards your application. This means you have already “almost” got the job


Gone are the days when responsibilities were loaded in resumes and CV’s. Nowadays no one has got the time to read an entire book about your life crammed into 2 – 3 pages, recruiters and employers are looking for specific keywords and a predetermined set of data when they scan your profile. Dwell a bit on the word “scan”, this means no one, in reality, reads your entire resume. Now for a waitress CV or resume in Australia you have to make sure that you enter some of the information like this:,

  • Welcome and seat customers, ask for initial beverages or other drinks
  • Provide the menu and ask what they want, answer questions, suggest etc
  • Take order, make sure customers like it.
  • Provide excellent customer service, collect bill etc

Not that we did not exceed twelve words per responsibility, if your description exceeds one line, you are doing it wrong. This way, the resume of a waitress ends up neat and clean, precise and disciplined (your resume will be speaking about your candidacy even before you are at the interview table.

Many CV and Resume writing services in Australia agree on keeping the responsibility area short in a waitress’s resume. Remember they will not read your resume in its entirety.


Education section in a CV of a waitress should be brief. Very brief. Very Brief. Read this again and again. Just put a one liner of each stage of your academic career. “M.A in Marketing – Melbourne University 2020” This is all.

Get a service

If you think that drafting and preparing a resume of a waitress is too challenging for you and you will keep second guessing yourself. Its always easier and convenient to hire a resume writing service in Australia or a resume or CV writer in Australia. These people have mounds of experience in building resumes and will help you in your career goals and landing the job you want.


When you have your final drafted resume for a waitress position make sure you customize it according to the place you are applying for. Get a custom built cover letter. Research the company you are applying it, make minor changes in your resume as per the establishments preferences.

Change your job description to better suit what is mentioned in the advertisement, often it happens that an organization is looking for people good with certain specific skills. So sometimes you have to change the order of your job description. Its as simple as that.

In conclusion, you can draft a great resume for a waitress by yourself. It will be a little time consuming but it is good, if you need professional resume writing service in Australia, you can always search for them online or find some good recommendations. Both ways work. Good luck with landing your first job as a waitress.


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