Referee Resume in Australia

Referee Resume in Australia

In this piece we will discuss the main elements of a referee resume. But before we get to that let us clarify the difference between a referee and a sports referee. A normal referee is anyone who refers us and is used as a point of reference for any ethical or integrity related affirmations. A sports referee on the other hand is someone who presides and controls sports games and competitions. They are the final authority when it comes to deciding something on the ground or at the avenue where a sports game is being played. In this article we will discuss what a resume of a referee should look like, how a referee’s resume should be drafted, what should be kept in mind when drafting a sports referee’s resume especially in context with Australia. Australia is a different job market from the rest of the world. A sports referee in Australia has to go through some rigorous phases before being qualified as a referee.

The structure of a referee’s resume in Australia should look something like this:

A Referee Resume should have:

Summary of Career

The summary of a referee’s resume should constitute in four to five sentences his entire career such as where he has worked, what he has done, what his achievements and key skills are in brief, his exposure to games and sporting events. And his educational background. This section should ensure that whoever is reading it should be enraptured by this fellow. In Australia, due to high competition, a resume should be built to capture attention quickly.

Summary of Skill Set

When we say summary of skill set, we mean that each skill set should be written as a separate word, there is no need to explain and detail the skillset which you have, you will have ample time during the interview to explain these things. A referee’s resume in Australia should have a section where skills are not only mentioned but they should be mentioned in the top of your resume and be highlighted. These will ensure that you get shortlisted for that interview call.

Extensive details about sporting experience and adjudicating matches and games

This will be the key and the main body of your resume, often times when there are lengthy sentences and paragraph’s telling a person’s achievements recruiters and employers are bound to skip this section. A resume should help the recruiter and the applicant both in the sense that it should enable the recruiter to make a shortlisting decision and for you that you lead the recruiter into believing that you are the person he wants to interview. Hence a referee’s resume should be highly quantifiable and accurate in telling the achievements in detail. In Australia it could be a daunting task to write down all your major achievements in a single document. Most of the times it is recommended to get professional help in writing your resume. You can get resume writing experts or online CV writing services in Australia for very cheap.

Licenses relating to referee

There are sporting bodies and boards for technically all sorts of sports and games in the world. Sometimes they are regional, if you have a license in your particular sport then it can go a long way if you have that on your resume.

Physical fitness evidences

Evidence of a referees own physical fitness should always be mentioned clearly and separately in a resume. In Australia it is imperative that you include this on your resume.

Educational Qualification

Educational qualification should be clearly mentioned but they should be in the bottom, because when people put up a job for a referee. Their qualifications in terms of educations are the least concerning objective. Recruiters are mostly interested in how many games they have presided over. However, make sure that you include these things in your resume. A referee resume should include educational qualifications.

In Australia there are some requirements which may have to be met for a sports referee and you have to make sure you include them on your resume. Getting professional resume writing service in Australia can be your best bet to avoid all of this struggle. Good luck with your resume writing!


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