Barista Resume in Australia

Barista Resume in Australia

Before we dive into what a barista resume should look like in Australia and what should be the contents of the entire document, first let’s look at what a Barista actually does in his or her day to day job. A Barista is someone who is responsible for managing caffeine-based beverages in a coffee or tea house. Although they basically look after the management of serving and pouring tea and coffee for customers apart from this they do a lot of other stuff like making sure the inventory is up to the mark and ordering new supplies when the stock is short. This is a very essential responsibility of a Barista in Australia. Another important job duty that a barista has is to brew the coffee or tea or other beverages and fulfilling a customer’s order. So now you have a fair idea that a Barista is not someone who goes around just pouring coffee, the job requires a lot of responsibility and care.

Let’s see what a Barista’s resume in Australia should look like:

What should the resume constitute?

Profile Summary

The summary of a referee’s resume should constitute in four to five sentences his entire career such as where he has worked, what he has done, what his achievements and key skills are in brief, his exposure to games and sporting events. And his educational background. This section should ensure that whoever is reading it should be enraptured by this fellow. In Australia, due to high competition, a resume should be built to capture attention quickly.


A barista’s resume should be short. Just like the last sentence. Just create a section either horizontally or vertically in your resume or CV and try to include words such as Coffee Knowledge, Brewing, Customer Services, Inventory Management and so on. You get the point. Never describe your skills, the entire purpose of a resume is to make sure you land that interview call, you can share examples of these during your interview. The skillset area in a Barista’s resume should never be lengthy.

Extensive details about sporting experience and adjudicating matches and games

This will be the key and the main body of your resume, often times when there are lengthy sentences and paragraph’s telling a person’s achievements recruiters and employers are bound to skip this section. A resume should help the recruiter and the applicant both in the sense that it should enable the recruiter to make a shortlisting decision and for you that you lead the recruiter into believing that you are the person he wants to interview. Hence a referee’s resume should be highly quantifiable and accurate in telling the achievements in detail. In Australia it could be a daunting task to write down all your major achievements in a single document. Most of the times it is recommended to get professional help in writing your resume. You can get resume writing experts or online CV writing services in Australia for very cheap.

Employment History

This section is the heart and soul of your resume. Try to make it clear by writing your employer’s name, duration of employment and address in bold. Keep a list of responsibilities at a minimum of 3 – 4 lines per employment. Make sure you write everything in an achievement narrative. Make sure your resume does not exceed one page if you have less than 5 years of experience. Two pages are acceptable if you have experience which exceeds 5 years or so.


Evidence of a referees own physical fitness shouldThis section is the one that just gets 2 – 3 seconds of a recruiter or a potential employer’s time. Just make it accurate. Write down your school/college/university name, degree earned and the year in which it was earned. In a Barista’s resume employers will be mildly interested in this area so just make sure that you make it accurate, easily readable and effective. Try not to take a lot of space. This information should be almost at the bottom of your resume. always be mentioned clearly and separately in a resume. In Australia it is imperative that you include this on your resume.


Restaurant industry is one industry where references work like a charm. In some instances, only your references can land you a direct interview call and your resume might be required later on in the recruitment process. This is probably the last section in a Barista’s resume. Get some good references by building rapport and good relations with your previous supervisors and include them in your resume.

Resume writing service in Australia
You can reach out to companies who are providing a CV and Resume writing service in Australia to Baristas. Do a basic Google search and you will find many companies. Similarly, you can find freelance resume writers in Australia who can help you with this. Please bear in mind that you will have to pay for these services.


In conclusion, we hope that after going through the above article you now have a very clear idea of how to go about making your resume if you are a Barista or who wants to go into the profession of restaurant services. Good Luck!


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